New Art Highlights

30 March - 5 April 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes Alexandra Carr, Charlotte Cullen, Alexis Zelda Stevens and Sam Lee

Cloud of Unknowing, 2020 by Alexandra Carr

Alexandra Carr

The Cloud of Unknowing is a fog installation that plays with the boundary of materiality and immateriality. The concept of being ‘courageous enough to surrender one's mind and ego to the realm of "unknowing"’ is present in many forms of meditation, contemplation and prayer. The piece references a spiritual guide on contemplative prayer from the late Middle Ages and encourages us to move from intellection to experience. This common ground from multiple perspectives is shown through the use of combining light within the installation to signify an ephemeral and nebulous moment of awakening.

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Retreat of the Warrior (Latent Extinction) III, 2019 by Charlotte Cullen

Charlotte Cullen

Mild steel bars and tubing, clay fired and unfired, mud collected from a river bank fired and unfired, pvc tubing, twigs, discarded foliage, dried rose and rose petals, stem with thorns, plastic water bottle, plastic food bag, ink, broken glass collected after a car crash, soil, moss, hand made soda bread shared during exhibition, removed floor tiles, egg shells, stones and pebbles, calming essence cream.

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Boredom Studies, 2018 by Alexis Zelda Stevens

Alexis Zelda Stevens 

A sculptural work, housing a laptop with a 9 minute video loop of a video work studying the state of Boredom. Exhibited as part of Scaffold Gallery's There is No Such Thing as Boredom, at Paradise Works Manchester.

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Evolve, 2020 by Sam Lee

Sam Lee

Installation/work in progress diversity, life proliferation. From out of the dry desert flows life when mixed with water.

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