New Art Highlights

3 - 9 August 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes Chantal Powell, Stuart Dodman, David Appleyard and Brighid Black

Vegetative Seed, 2020 by Chantal Powell

Chantal Powell

Tin cast of dessicated toad limb, charred wood.

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Summer, 2020 by Stuart Dodman

Stuart Dodman

Sun bleached parasol on oil painted stretcher.

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Never Eat Soggy Wheat, 2020 by David Appleyard

David Appleyard

‘Never Eat Soggy Wheat’ was inspired by Lincolnshire’s wildlife, agriculture, and farmers' heightened awareness of the wind and weather. The ‘Wind Bell’ has also been informed by the collection at the Rural Life Museum. The utilitarian aesthetic qualities of the machinery and how they were used to work the land between 1850 and 1950 have provided inspiration and reference points from where to begin. The work explores the qualities of the machinery in the collection and re-appropriates construction methods and materials whilst providing new ideas of what we can harvest from the grounds of Normanby Hall.

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Singing Over the Bones, 2020 by Brighid Black

Brighid Black

Performance at Baltic 39 Experimental Studio in March 2020, involving stones, sound-producing found objects, the human voice and image projection.

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