New Art Highlights

27 January - 2 February

New Art Highlights of the week includes Alice Briggs, Aimee Nelson, Stuart Robinson and Chantal Powell

'A place where one lies', 2020 by Alice Briggs

Alice Briggs

Still from installation. The piece is inspired by the artists experience with older people in care homes and references conversations about the places they used to go outside and what they used to do - climbing mountains, going to the beach, walking in the woods etc. The robotised care home bed watches itself on the screen, in a dream state appearing to visit places in nature whilst unable to move from the place in which it finds itself. ??Alice Briggs, In collaboration, and with thanks to engineer Mark Neal and filming by Rhys Thwaites Jones.

This is a commission for the cARTrefu project.

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Cave, 2019 by Aimee Nelson

Aimee Nelson 

Ultraviolet screenprint
Edition of 20
Installed with ultraviolet torch
Degree show, Belfast School of Art
Aquired by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland Collection

A reading and interpretation of The Allegory of the Cave by Greek Philosopher Plato. This artwork metaphorically explores the allegory and Plato's concepts of light, shadow, visibility, knoweldge and truth, through the intimate act of reading by torchlight.

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RGB, 2019 by Stuart Robinson

Stuart Robinson 

A collection of shapes inspired by the RGB pixels of a tv set. The coloured, lit shapes can be placed in a multitude of formations with programmed light sequences, one of which spells out a version of the ITV logo.

Originally produced as a commission for ITV Creates, a series of Artist's were commissioned to create a sculptural ident for the channel. This Ident was originally broadcast in October 2019

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Mandala Chamber 1, 2020 by Chantal Powell

Chantal Powell 

Smoke fired clay, black copper oxide, salt

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