New Art Highlights

26 October - 1 November 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Alexa Wright, Stephen Anthony Davids, Graham Clucas and Raen Barnsley.

Not Gone Not Forgotten, 2018 by Alexa Wright

Alexa Wright

Two identical monitors are hung low (knee to waist height) at right angles to one another in a corner. The images are situated in living rooms, the nucleus of the family home. On the right side we see an individual in her/his living space silently gesticulating. We never see anyone’s facial identity, but along with the décor of the living room and clothing, small gestures of hands and feet convey personality. These tiny gestures set up a series of silent dialogues. On the left side part of that individual is cut out, appearing randomly in the life of another family.

‘Not Gone, Not Forgotten’ is a two screen video work that takes the accidental intimacy of organ transplantation literally by visually cutting together or colliding images of two families. The work plays on a continuous loop, cycling through five different sets of people interspersed with quotes from donor families.

2 screen video work on a loop - 10min 16sec. Silent.

A single-cannel version of the videos can be seen here

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Bill Richmond, 2020 by Stephen Anthony Davids

Stephen Anthony Davids

Mixed medium on original ledger sheet (circa: 1845 - 1860)


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Stonewaves 1, 2020 by Graham Clucas

David Manley

Acrylic paint on canvas

615mm x 615mm

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Blossom by the Pool, 2020 by Raen Barnsley

Raen Barnsley

This piece references the early lockdown period that I spent predominately in my garden, enjoying the new growth flowers and the new and very much welcomed hot weather. Spending so much time in this private, colourful, and quiet space, I designed a series of works that not only referred to the enjoyment I felt in this space but also hyperbolised a summery, psychedelic, and flamboyant experience.

This piece was sold at auction via The Auction Collective and was exhibited as part of their ' To My Twenties' show.

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