New Art Highlights

24 - 30 August 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes Mark Tamer, Liz Foster, Jim Brown & Rhiannon Lowe.

A Red Sun, 2020 by Mark Tamer

Mark Tamer

Polaroid collage

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Unexpected Landscape, 2020 by Liz Foster

Liz Foster

Oil on Canvas

160cm x 160cm


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Scraps on Plinths, 2020 by Jim Brown

Jim Brown

Fired clay, enamel paint, plaster.

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Cekca Het, 2019-2020 by Rhiannon Lowe

Rhiannon Lowe

What started as an exploratory mini-residency in the g39 Warp library, involving an event mixing noise, film, embroidery, design, lighting and merch, is currently a more fully evolving R&D project. With funding from Arts Council of Wales, and with the support of a Freelands Foundation fellowship through g39, Cardiff, Cekca Het is working towards becoming a: band/label name, moniker for a performative identity, foundation for musically-noisy queer gatherings, exhibition at Mission Gallery, Swansea in early 2021.

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