New Art Highlights

21 - 27 September 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes Alex Hetherington, Darren Neave, Dr Helen Gorrill and Christopher Jarratt.

Sleep powder vibration dust sigh smoke vapour blink stain forgetting asthma pauses hesitation stitch attraction flaws failure, 2020 by Alex Hetherington

Alex Hetherington

16mm colour film, silent 4 mins 44 seconds, 2020, a second set of stills.

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Domestic Clubwear (Cheesed), 2020 by Darren Neave

Darren Neave

Silicon, steel, found objects.

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Readers' Wives 4, 2020 by Dr Helen Gorrill

Dr Helen Gorrill

Oil paint and collaged porn magazines on board, framed.

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BIG LIFTA, 2019 by Christopher Jarratt

Working collaboratively with young new arrivals to the city, to make a kite and get it airborne in a place where Sheffield meets the Peak District.

The team will be working to some basic parameters:

Only use four colours

The kite will be 1m x 1m wide

The kite must be flown accompanied by a picnic

The team will consider the kite’s shape, form and fly-ability.

Once complete, the team will head to the Peak District to enjoy the kite in its natural environment (the sky) whilst sharing a meal.

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