New Art Highlights

20 - 26 January

New Art Highlights of the week includes StudioThreePointFour, Rupi Dhillon, Bob Budd and Charlotte Price

Happi with an I: Part 1 - Co(lapse), 2020 by StudioThreePointFour


'Happi with an I' is a long term project by Norwich based artists, Alec game and Tom Little. Working under the collective name of Studio 3.4, Part 1 - Co(lapse), documents their exploration of, and developing relationship to, a cliff on the Norfolk coast.

Part 1 was realised as an installation at Outpost Gallery. Norwich. The installation centred around two films and consisted of large scale photographs and a sound piece. The principal film is inspired by scientific methods of exploring and understanding environments through numbers and measurements, the two artists perform a seemingly ritualistic series of land measurements using a surveyor’s tape. The ultimately uninformative measurements talk broadly about the attempts made to understand nature through numerical material when there is a failure to comprehend our place and relationship to our natural environment. The film also touches on ideas around labour, futility and identity through its use of clothing and repetitive actions.

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Cha Wali, 2019 by Rupi Dhillon

Rupi Wali 


Participatory Performance

Bike, artificial marigolds, statue of Guru Nanak, gold basket, hot drinks dispensers

Documentation - Digital prints

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Safety Pin, 2019 by Bob Budd

Bob Budd 

Fallen tree wrapped in bandages with safety pin.

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And the Digitalis Grew upon the Burnt Ground, 2017 by Charlotte Price

Charlotte Price 

Original relief print. 59cms x 41cms

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