New Art Highlights

2 - 8 November 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Mandy Payne, Colin Anthony Graham, Jim lockey & Karen Logan.

Shoreditch, 2020 by Mandy Payne

Mandy Payne

Spray paint and oil on gesso panel 29cm x 29cm.

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United colours of the NHS, 2020 by Colin Anthony Graham

Colin Anthony Graham

Colin Graham's artwork to show support for the NHS in the current Coronavirus crisis.

The work, titled ‘United colours of the NHS’, is made up of world flags, reflecting diverse nationalities working for the NHS.

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BOAT, 2019 by Jim Lockey

Jim Lockey

BOAT was a 2018 work and the catalyst for my interest in using boats as a central part of my work.

Created for Normal? Festival of The Brain 2018 was a meditation on grief and the idea of loss. It involved designing, building and eventually piloting a 3m canoe made from cardboard. The act of using the canoe for its intended purpose eventually destroyed it, a metaphor for how we invest in aspects of our lives (and even how we invest in our own life) despite the inevitability of its eventual loss. I wanted to bring the points of creation and destruction into close proximity and examine what pushes us on and drives us to create in the face of the forces entropy (not that entropy is a force but you know what I mean, why do we build when separation is inevitable).

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Interior Lightning, 2011 by Karen Logan

Karen Logan

Interior Lighting was a group show created by staff at The Hepworth Wakefield. My installation took four and a half days to install using nine balls of acrylic wool, and that time again to raise my arms above my head without wincing. Interior Lightning included painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, intervention and installation.

My intervention was inspired by Hepworth's use of string within particular sculptures and a desire to play with an illusion of colour mixing in space. This work continues my fascination with elevating cheap materials using time consuming processes.

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