New Art Highlights

19 - 25 October 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Felix Gannon, Melanie Berman, David Manley and Julie Lawrence.

Pax and Mars (after Rubens), 2020 by Felix Gannon

Felix Gannon

Oil on Linen, 8 painting.

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Hold my hand, 2020 by Melanie Berman

Melanie Berman

Contemporary Painting by Melanie Berman 110 cm x 110 cm Mixed medium.

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Dancer's Air, 2020 by David Manley

David Manley

A Lockdown construction, part of a series of 'Paintings Standing Up' , related to ideas of land and seascapes.

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Night Walkers, 2020 by Julie Lawrence

Body of drawings which is my response to the pandemic and lockdown.

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