New Art Highlights

17 - 23 February 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes Helen Snell, Mary Branson, Philippa Lawrence and Perdita Sinclair

Economic Botany, 2020 by Helen Snell

Helen Snell

One of a series of photoshoots inspired by the voyages of Captain Cook and their legacy.

Models interact with a series of laser cut props. I am interested in artworks agency and removing them from the sterility of the gallery or museum. The imagery is a response to the partisan nature of supposedly objective artistic records produced by the official artists Sydney Parkinson, William Hodges and John Webber.

For every new edition or reprinting of images the viewer becomes more distanced from the truth. The images become debased by different engravers in the haste to disseminate the images to a public hungry for views of the' new world".

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Harvest, 2020 by Mary Branson

Mary Branson

In September 2018, I led public groups on night walks to take a ‘journey out of the normal’ to view my land art installation ‘Harvest’. This work reached a national audience and highlighted the plight of farmers in the face of global warming.

Artistically I am interested in how art can empower us to venture beyond our normal limits.

The culmination of the project was a community celebration on top of Box Hill, where choirs came together to sing traditional songs and to hear poetry celebrating the Surrey Hills and witnessing the installation emerging from the countryside at dusk.

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Trace, 2020 by Philippa Lawrence

Philippa Lawrence 

Enamelled cut steel
Approx: 4m x 4.5m

A study of tree-stumps from Hestercombe estate based upon an archival document a dendrological study from 1997. Following a a lead into understanding place I talked, examining and recording the traces of severed tree trunks. The profiles were made at one of the last enamelling ants in the UK. As an installation the highly reflective surface of the sculptural elements allows light to become part of the work. From certain angles, a mirror like quality where colour appears to be almost absent, suggesting a void. The work follows interest is. loss, death and absence explored through a previous body of work Bound.

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Black Hole Sundae, 2020 by Perdita Sinclair

Perdita Sinclair 

Wave Theory Series!
These paintings are inspired by the state of flux and uncertainty that has felt increasingly prevalent in recent times. I have been inspired by looking into aspects of quantum physics, like the Shrodinger Equation, where something can exist in more than one state at once. The ‘wave’ that creates the compositional structure of each piece is a nod to a predictive wave created on a graph which estimates the probable space and location that a form can exist in. I am interested in the Gaia Theory and want the work to simultaneously appear to represent one creature and a colony of creatures. It also combines the synthetic and natural to show how our world has been fundamentally changed by human impact.

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