New Art Highlights

17 - 23 August 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes Corrupt_Vision, Roanne ODonnell, Stephen Towns and Helen Snell.

Digital Necropsy, 2020 by Corrupt_Vision


//Project Still in Progress//

This series of images serves as a reminder that the digital age that we know inevitably has a life span, which will one day meet its end. The use of macabre medical images as a foundation for Glitching, works as a homage to the Memento Mori symbolism found across the Medieval and Victorian eras.

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SURFACE WORK 16 (Diptych), 2020 by Roanne ODonnell

Roanne ODonnell

Oil, cold wax and graphite on paper, 30x60 cm, 2020.

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Equivalent 5LE in Red, 2014 by Stephen Towns

Stephen Towns

Relief sculpture. based upon a transformed grid.

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Appropriation Scissors, 2020 by Helen Snell

Helen Snell

Designed by Helen Snell and crafted by Rebecca Tucker, jeweller at W. Hamond and curator at The Museum of Whitby jet.

Repurposed steel shears, silver, mother of pearl, vintage coral and Whitby jet. The work is currently on display at the Museum of Whitby jet.

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