New Art Highlights

13 - 19 January

New Art Highlights of the week includes Jane Fairhurst, Kirstin Bicker, Steve Hines and Patrick Lowry

Fetishes for Uncertain Times, 2018-2019 by Jane Fairhurst

Jane Fairhurst 

Textile sculptures on metal stands.

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Utterances, 2020 by Kirstin Bicker

Kirstin Bicker 

The sound piece is a collaboration between Kirstin Bicker and Nicola Hockley, with the help of Reed-cutter Wally Mason. The conversation piece between Bicker and Mason uses a mix of the two voices, reciting language that was once commonplace (among those who worked on the Norfolk Broads), along with phrases taken from interview and correspondence. These snippets of dialect interspersed with vocabulary tied to the location, combat against one another for the foreground in your hearing. With no clear authority from the words spoken, the ownership of the language is left unclaimed. The strength of accent, tone and pronunciation make way for the excellence of mistake to peak between the gaps of the rehearsed and unprepared.

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Everything has a story, 2020 by Steve Hines

Steve Hines 

All of the elements and materials used to create this work can be traced back to their original utility or place. The items were collected over a period of time and were intuitively assembled, also over a period of time, until the finished composition was achieved. Nothing was purchased it is either recycled studio material/waste or found/saved objects. Some of the paint was 'borrowed'.

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No Public Access, 2020 by Patrick Lowry

Patrick Lowry 

As an extension of his reflections on space and the relationships we have with them, Patrick Lowry offers an in situ installation at Galerie Showcase, No Public Access, integrating another place, the Institute of Contemporary Art (IAC) of Villeurbanne within its walls, with a portion of the building reserved for administration. Or how the space prohibited to the public takes place in public space - through the image and the time of an exhibition.

The exhibition also makes reference to the launch of the edition Iodine & Jane Lowry & Patrick Lowry, at the IAC where the stairs form part of the non-public fabric of the building.

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