New Art Highlights

10 - 16 August 2020

New Art Highlights of the week includes Claire Cansick, Paul R Jones, Susan Eyre & Sarah Spanton.

Trees and Woodland on Exmoor and Dartmoor, 12th August 2020 - 10th October 2020 by Claire Cansick

Claire Cansick

Location: The Museum of Somerset

This Arborealists exhibition developed from a collaboration with Exmoor and Dartmoor National Park Authorities who have guided the Arborealists to sites of specific interest from which each artist produced artwork about particular trees, woods and views on each of the moors.

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Yr Ynys, 2020 by Paul R Jones

Much of the narrative of this film is influenced by a reading of Žižek (2020), Berardi (2019), Han (2015) and Agamben (1995/2020). Each observes the current situation as both an opportunity for revolutionary change. There are many possible futures open to us now as we slowly emerge from our isolation. These futures, as Slavoj Žižek (2020) in his recent essay ‘Pandemic! Covid-19 Shakes the World’, are tipped between what he describes as barbarian capitalism or a new form of collectivism. Which future we decide to take is still anyone’s guess. Although my film leans toward a bleak outcome, in reality, my hope is that we emerge from this pandemic and work towards a more genuinely collaborative and egalitarian society.

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Lithomancy, 2019 by Susan Eyre

Susan Eyre

The ritual of lithomancy seeks to interpret the patterns of stones cast by those wishing to divine the future. Offering 'readings' gives visitors a personal perspective to consider when thinking about how we experience time and negotiate the future. The board, a salvaged old table top was screen printed with a design created after researching the ancient art of lithomancy and prevalent variations. I gave the board a geological emphasis and aligned the areas of activity with traditional associations such as sedimentary = home, boulders = obstacles and challenges, strata = knowledge and experience. The gemstones were assigned properties according to traditional meanings.

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Slices / Seams, 2014 by Sarah Spanton

Sarah Spanton

A performative photography and print installation, visualising, documenting and re-presenting a series of four walks which converged upon and passed close by to Federation House, Manchester, taking place on the 27th August 2014. Spanton undertook this performance, whilst in the persona of City Scribe, who marks each of the pathways trodden through the cityscape by taking ‘Selfies’ using the smartphone app Hipstamatic and a GPS tracker. Part of group exhibition 'Bed', at Federation House, Balloon Street, Manchester.

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