New Art Highlights

8 - 14 April 2019

New Art Highlights of the week includes Kate Haywood, Flisan Beard, Zena Blackwell and Joanna Mowbray

Lidden, 2019 by Kate Haywood

Kate Haywood 

2018, 9.5x10x2.7cm (Photo Credit Dewi Tannatt Lloyd)

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Cancer treatment, 2017-18 by Flisan Beard

New social project about terminal illness and social stigma around death and dying. In a society that promotes anti-ageing and immortality, projections of judgment, persecution, shame, fear, isolation and loneliness are internalised. A cancer patient expresses through a metaphorical language in drawings how societal dictates, influence feelings around living with dying. My animation film clips are responding to the patient’s stories and his drawings.

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roots, revere, remain, 2019 by Zena Blackwell

Zena Blackwell 

This painting is now on show at Viridis at Cardiff MADE

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In the passage of time, 2019 by Joanna Mowbray

Joanna Mowbray

‘In the passage of time’ is wall construction, comprising of 31 forms. The overall area is h 90 x w 138 cm, however this can be adjusted to suit different locations as an installation. The 31 forms vary in size from the largest h 9.0 x w 7.5 x d 2.0 cm to the smallest h 7.0 x w 6.0 x d 2.0 cm. The forms are 3D prints in PA2200 white nylon and the thickness is 0.5mm.

This construction was made in my studio under roof windows, facing north so the natural light was perfect for the conditions I wanted to work with. The old surface of the wall which was painted over many times provides an interesting surface in relationship to the detail of the carefully shaped forms.

Each form is hollow and the white nylon has a surface quality almost like watercolour paper. The thin white walls of each form create luminosity according to the quality of the natural light. The subtle changing of shadows and natural light are essential expressive aspects of this work. These elements imply a fleeting sense of time and quietness amongst the noise and complexity of our lives.

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