New Art Highlights

7 - 13 October

New Art Highlights of the week includes Lorsen Camps, Jake Francis, Nikkita Morgan and Andrew Burton

Koala, 2019 by Lorsen Camps

Lorsen Camps 

Painted plaster cast of reclaimed polystyrene.

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Cascade, 2019 by Jake Francis

Jake Francis 

Set to be displayed in 'Falling Walls: Mail Art exhibition' at John Street Gallery, Stroud. November 1st - 15th.

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Embroidered hoop art, 2019 by Nikkita Morgan

Nikkita Morgan 

These wee samplers were commissioned. Using embroidered techniques on cotton fabrics. All on 6 inched hoops.

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Brickyards, Stoke, 2019 by Andrew Burton

Andrew Burton 

Brickyards, Stoke-on-Trent, British Ceramics Biennial, 2019

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