New Art Highlights

7 - 13 January 2019

New Art Highlights of the week includes Judith Alder, Carl Rowe, Lucienne Cole and Robert Luzar

In Conversation With..., 2019 by Judith Alder


During the Once In A Universe project I organised a number of events and workshops, one of which was a hugely entertaining evening: How to Survive and Thrive in the Anthropocene in collaboration with writer and producer, Amy Zamarripa Solis. The evening featured artists Shardcore and Chris Parkinson as well as a recorded Skype conversation between myself and Complexity Scientist, Dr Alexandra Penn. I'm finally starting to edit some of the footage from the event and post excerpts from the evening on my website. Here is the first - a fascinating conversation with Alex Penn. View it above on Vimeo or here or my website

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Have Strength Find Peace, 2018 by Carl Rowe

Carl Rowe 

Wall painted text and framed screen-prints (incorporating carbonated vegetation)
Carl Rowe 2018
Commissioned by Hospital Rooms charity

The combined-media installation Have Strength Find Peace is an artwork commissioned by Hospital Rooms for the Tribunal Room at Woodlands mental health unit, Ipswich Hospital. The text used in the piece is derived from a workshop that Carl Rowe undertook with patients at Woodlands. In the screen-prints, the words ‘Strength’ and ‘Peace’ have been superimposed over photographs of majestic trees that grow in Christchurch Park, Ipswich. The intention of bringing nature inside the confines of the room has been surreptitiously reinforced by virtue of the fact that the black ink used in the screen-printing process is derived from carbonated acorns, sweet chestnuts and horse chestnuts gathered from Christchurch Park. The concept of harnessing physical material (dust) to become a pictorial representation of itself is common to Rowe’s practice and underpins a transformative and somewhat mystical process.

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REACH, 2018 by Lucienne Cole

Lucienne Cole 

PERFORMANCE - Performed at Lewisham Arthouse Gallery as part of Open Studios 2018, utilising the echo in the gallery space, wearing hand painted oversized T-shirt . Performance involves singing and movement. Duration approx. 2mins

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Two Seen, One Unseeing, 2016 by Robert Luzar

Robert Luzar

Two-person live-art event & internet streamed video, variable materials. Ongoing event.

A work presented live and by two people. It uses (unrecorded) Internet-based video to stream the location of one artist into the location of another artist, including the audience. The video is not recorded. Rather, the video is streamed one-way, from an undisclosed location into the gallery where the other artist and audience are present. As the video is streamed one-way and once, the artist being streamed in by video cannot see either the other artist nor the audience.

The work engages locations – and dis-locations – shared between artist(s) and audience, engaging multiple spaces and two time-zones. Duration, coexistence, and sight are elements interrogated through light, shadow, bodily position, and impermanent mark-making.

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