New Art Highlights

6 May - 12 May 2019

New Art Highlights of the week includes Pippa Eason, Julieann Worrall Hood, Helen Kilby-Nelson and gobscure

Stuck Inside Playing on The PS2, 2019 by Pippa Eason

Pippa Eason 

Plaster, jesmonite, wood. From my recent solo, 'The Ball of My Foot', Seager Gallery, London. All photos courtesy of Liz Calvi.

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Joyful Sound: In the Pink, 2017-2019 by Julieann Worrall Hood

Julieann Worrall Hood

Joyful Sound: In the Pink
The Piano Shop Bath

Joyful Sound is a sculptural installation that explores the synergies between senses and disciplines. The initial installation was created and installed across the windows of the three Georgian buildings that make up the Piano Shop Bath in November 2017. Keys recycled from 17 pianos were formed into a twisting, undulating wave, evoking how music looks and feels. The installation has had two further iterations. Firstly in November 2018 with the addition of woven white twine emanating from the keys, carrying light around the ebbing and flowing forms and now, in May 2019, with the addition of thousands of folded and stitched paper blossoms in Schiaparelli pink, celebrating the hope of Spring.

The next iteration will be in November 2019. Prepare to be surprised!

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'360 Perpetuation' (Housing Hierarchy update #6), 2019 by Helen Kilby-Nelson

Helen Kilby-Nelson 

Continued progress through experimentation. Work in progress on moving image.

Using my own film footage to express feelings of stigma and lack of autonomy, acceptance, as a social housing tenant. Surveillance, watching them watching me.

Inspired by Marcel Duchamp's 'Anemic Cinema', recommended by a fellow artist.

Exploring semiotics, meanings, dissemination, perpetuation, inside/outside, different representations of 360 degrees.

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red tape saves lives, 2019 by gobscure


first in a series of pieces of red tape left around the place reminding red tape saves lives

this is in manchester (thanks to axisweb & mmu) after we were commissioned by social works live to take some fragments of hyena in petticoats. mary wollstonecraft was written off by the borises ov her day as hyena in petticoats for being mad, bad, rad, bi, internationalist, writer (rioter), mutha & a lot more. were celebrating - including via artists book, sound, performance and more - how these days were all hyenas in petticoats

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