New Art Highlights

4 - 10 November

New Art Highlights of the week includes Karolina Ptaszkowska, Sam Haynes, Liz Clifford and Corrupt_Vision

My Yard Is Full of Shards (To Do List), 2019 by Karolina Ptaszkowska

Karolina Ptaszkowska 

Wood, marble dust, mother of pearl flakes, mica powder, beeswax; paintings on canvas; 56 x 120 x 390 cm.

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Tied Lines, 2019 by Sam Haynes

Sam Haynes 

Square and round plastic tubing / rubber mat / thread

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Flow, 2019 by Liz Clifford

Liz Clifford 

An Installation of detritus collected from Byway 745, with beech leaves, "Flow" explores movement of detritus downhill, downstream and down into the earth through the force of gravity.

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Untitled, 2019 by Corrupt_Vision

Corrupt Vision 

A new work which has arisen from experimentation into new Glitching techniques.

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