New Art Highlights

29 July - 4 August

New Art Highlights of the week includes Alice Bradshaw, Shelley Morrow, Danny Manning and Alice Forward

Resilience is Futile by Alice Bradshaw

Alice Bradshaw 

Writer in Residency with YVAN and Corridor, 8 March - August 2019

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Loose Ends, 2019 by Shelley Morrow

Shelley Morrow 

Patchwork banner with hand printed prison arrows, made 2018 for the celebration of 100 years when some women were allowed to vote in the UK for the first time. It is still an offence in the United Kingdom to reproduce the broad arrow without authority (in the same way as it is an offence to reproduce hallmarks). Section 4 of the Public Stores Act 1875 makes it illegal to use the "broad arrow" on any goods without permission. 

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Basket Cases, 2019 by Danny Manning

Danny Manning 

A series of Baskets created for 'Resilience' an Exhibition at DC1 Gallery, Eastbourne 20019 exploring mental health and well being. The series entitled 'Basket Cases' explores the stigma surrounding basket making as a back of the classroom activity often given to patients in institutions as a form of occupational therapy in the past. The repetitive calming process of making and sequence counting to form a weaved or coiled object is now more recognized by health professionals as a means to improve mental wellbeing. 

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Flock (detail), 2019 by Alice Forward

Alice Forward

Detail of installation, a sculptural intervention in Ceredigion Museum. Aberystwyth, 2019, as part of the DEFAID:SHEEP exhibition including Francis Alys, Joseph Beuys, Henry Moore.. and Short&Forward!

Wax and wire forms installed in a museum display cabinet of Welsh 18th - 19th Century ceramics.

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