New Art Highlights

26 - 1 September

New Art Highlights of the week includes Cliff Crawford, Jane Stobart, Alistair Woods and Ricky Romain

Virtual Eye Art - Immersive Media, 2019 by Cliff Crawford

Cliff Crawford 

Virtual Eye is an ongoing project and the latest blog is now on

Using Blender, an open-source 3D modelling tool, I create the objects, environment and lighting. I set up and control the camerawork to create cinematic sequences using tracking, focus control and movement. With Adobe After Effects, I edit the video. I use a dual monitor system because of the amount of information that I need to see on screen. This improves workflow as I am accessing seven or more windows of information consecutively.

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Dagenham Worker, 2019 by Jane Stobart

Jane Stobart 

This aquatint print is one of a series, made from drawings I created at a number of industrial work places in and around London.

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Strained Relations, 2019 by Alistair Woods

Alistair Woods 

Oil paint, spray paint, pastel and enamel pin badge on linen.

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'The musicians who only play and sing for the drowning', 2019 by Ricky Romain

Ricky Romain

Another page from one of my sketchbooks. 'The musicians who only play and sing for the drowning' Indian ink oil bars on paper.

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