New Art Highlights

25 - 31 March 2019

New Art Highlights of the week includes Ewan Robertson, Guy Bigland, Carol Breen and Perdita Sinclair

Thuringian Detour, 2019 by Ewan Robertson

Ewan Robertson 

Multiple small works in iron created in Wroclaw exploring further various iron casting processes. Resin bonded sand direct polystyrene burnout and ceramic shell processes were used here from modelled wax objects, found objects and pre-fabricated wooden patterns. Here these have beenroughly wired to a raw concrete form.

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Everyday Solutions 2019 by Guy Bigland

Guy Bigland 

93 sentences found as straplines in a household product catalogue.
Each sentence begins with a verb in the form of a command or instruction.
The title of the book is the strapline from the company’s logo.
Seen here without their accompanying products, the texts read as instructions on how to live better.
Perfect-bound Paperback
Limited edition of 50
190 pages

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Litter Rhythms, 2019 by Carol Breen

Carol Breen 

2018 | 30th March, Litter Rhythms: Black Hole Club Launch, Vivid Projects Birmingham, UK

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Pink Blue Pink Blue Pink, 2019 by Perdita Sinclair

Perdita Sinclair

Oil on canvas

Exploring two colours are a creature and landscape.

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