New Art Highlights

2 - 8 December

New Art Highlights of the week includes Linda Hubbard, Zena Blackwell, Gail Howard and Natalie Ramus

"Reliquary of Passion and Remembrance." "Orgreave Nugget.", 2019 by Linda Hubbard

Linda Hubbard 

"Reliquary of Passion and Remembrance." "Orgreave Nugget."

"Reliquary of Passion and Remembrance."
"Orgreave Nugget."

Lump of coal retrieved from the Orgreave Coking Plant. Where the violent "Battle of Orgreave" took place on the 18th of June 1984 a pivotal event in the 1984-85 miners strike.
Victims still waiting for justice.

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swing it, move it, shake it, make it, 2019 by Zena Blackwell

Zena Blackwell 

A girl looks over her shoulder, giving that knowing look. What is she thinking?

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Brief History of Healing Part 2, 2019 by Gail Howard

Gail Howard 

Following on from the Summer spent at Llandough Hospital, BHoH part 2 was a series of workshops & talks alongside an exhibition of collaborative patient-made artwork at ArcadeCampfa in Central Cardiff . In response to conversations with inpatients at Llandough and Hafan y Coed Psychiatric Unit about the notion of 'comfort', we made hammocks from 'retired' NHS curtains, gallery visitors were invited to lie in them and listen to the sound of willow being woven. Visitors were also encouraged to sew (sleep mask and slipper kits were available, pre cut from NHS curtains), make text based prints via the repurposed drugs trolley, and to recommend their own treatments via the alternative prescription service - all contributions became part of the exhibition, and the focus continued to fall on the relationship between art making and our wellbeing, particularly the importance of our immediate environment. The Museum of Healing in the Arcade Space hosted workshops from Georgia Twigg, Lee Cutter and Alex Goodman.

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Following IN//Footsteps OF (2nd iteration), 2019 by Natalie Ramus

Natalie Ramus 

This was a second iteration/reworking/exploration of the work Following IN//Footsteps OF (first born at Tempting Failure Festival of Noise and Performance 2018) which was shared as part of the Oxytocin - Mothering the World Symposium at Kings College London in 2019 produced by Procreate Project in collaboration with Birth Rites Collection.

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