New Art Highlights

18 - 24 February 2019

New Art Highlights of the week includes Bea Last, Jeannie Driver, Stuart Robinson and Gil Mualem-Doron

Current Practice, 2019 by Bea Last

Bea Last 

Contemporary art installation and sculptural drawing. Work in progess and creative energy led.

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In conversation, 2019 by Jeannie Driver

Jeannie Driver 

Archival prints.

In Conversation….
Is a series of photographic images that interpret memories of the ebb and flow, of conversations.

The work evolved through the experimental and intuitive use of a drawing system made from charcoal lines suspended on rotating spines . The drawing system became became a tool to mentally and physically process these sparks and shifts in perception and thought. Its is a physical experience—enabling the physical , emotional and reflective to be revisited and processed as memories are enhanced, amplified, or reduced through rumination and possibly over indulgences that marks in the soul.
Therefore the action of creating the work was not about the object perse, but more about the movements, shifts and transitions, momentary poses as reflections of a particular moment, or sentiment.

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Westward Ho!, 2019 by Stuart Robinson

Stuart Robinson 

I am creating a mobile, moving artwork exploring my childhood journeys from the Midlands to coastal holidays in the South West, the memories, the excitement, the early starts, the car sickness, the model villages and our ever-present and trusty Volvos.

Part homage, part personal journey, part wacky races and part serious investigation of the place holidays have in our lives, this project will ultimately form the core of a new body of work to be exhibited in venues tbc.

There is a crowdfunder on Indiegogo to support the project:

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No Man's Land - photography project, 2019 by Gil Mualem-Doron

Gil Mualem-Doron

The ‘No Man’s Land’ art-photography project tells the stories of young men who have found themselves in limbo or in transitory situations, due to political, social or economic reasons. Their stories reflect global contemporary issues such as political persecution, the refugee crisis, racial discrimination, the rights of queers and transgender persons, and homelessness. The young men, who the photographer encountered in his travels, in social circles or online, have been photographed in places that not only are relevant to their personal stories, but also carry wider symbolism. The photos are edited using photomontage or collage techniques to further convey the participants’ stories and the issues they presented. This project continues Mualem-Doron’s explorations of socially engaged photography practices which began in 2000 in his Ph.D. research “The Dead Zone & the Architecture of Transgression”.

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