New Art Highlights

17 - 23 June 2019

New Art Highlights of the week includes Andrew Adair, David Stroyny, Imogen Millie Ellerby-Sansom and Theresa Bradbury

Untitled, 2019 by Andrew Adair

Andrew Adair 

Large/medium wheel thrown distorted pot.

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Embrace, 2019 by David Stroyny

David Stroyny

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Clandestine, 2019 by Imogen Millie Ellerby Sansom

Imogen Millie Ellerby Sansom 

Clandestine creatively responds to the struggles citizens face in our supposed democratic society, providing a visual representation of the profound imbalance of power.

Comprised of a 10m high pair of pinstripe suit trousers and correspondingly large shoes, the artwork emphasises the elitist and exclusive nature of politics, with the infinity illusion of the legs connoting the never-ending deception and clandestine intentions of governmental figures.

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Summer Lodge 2019 Participant, Theresa Bradbury

Theresa Bradbury

For ten days each July the Fine Art studios and workshops of Nottingham Trent University are transformed into The Summer Lodge and play host to a gathering of thirty diverse artists. It is a collective space in which to undertake experiments, pursue new ideas and allow unexpected leaps of imagination.

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