New Art Highlights

15 - 21 July 2019

New Art Highlights of the week includes Alex Hethrington, Steve Dutton, Amanda Loomes and Louise Webb

Michelle Hannah's Arm/Anonymous Writes A Spell for the Camera, 2019 by Alex Hetherington

Alex Hetherington 

16mm film stills, black and white, film print, 4 mins 42 seconds, 2019, (shot at ROST, Glasgow)

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I WILL NOT, 2019 by Steve Dutton

Text animation made for No Telos as part of Convocation (Venice Bienniale, Research Pavilion)

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The Custody Code, 2019 by Amanda Loomes

Amanda Loomes 

The Custody Code is a new film installation set within a sustainably sourced timber structure housed deep within Alice Holt forest. The project has been a number of years in the making and follows the life cycle of timber production from seed to sawmill, all told from the unique perspective of people who work in the industry.

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Algorithmic-Restart, 2019 by Louise Webb

Louise Webb

A still from a recent exploration in communicative capitalism.

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