New Art Highlights

14 - 20 January 2019

New Art Highlights of the week includes Fiona Grady, Richard McVetis, David Sherry and Sandy Creighton

Cross Sections, 2018 by Fiona Grady

Fiona Grady 

Site responsive vinyl window and screenprinted installation.

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Grid, 2019 by Richard McVetis

Richard McVetis 

Hand embroidery on wool.

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The Spoon Routine, 2019 by David Sherry

David Sherry 

This work is a sculpture and a magic trick, exhibited in Tam Shepherds Trick Shop in Glasgow for ‘Good £uck’ at Gi 2018. It is a trick where an ordinary tea spoon it conjured into a twisted spoon. I is currently available for sale in Tam Shepherds Trick Shop Glasgow.

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Enormous Waste, 2019 by Sandy Creighton

Sandy Creighton


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