New Art Highlights

12 - 18 August

New Art Highlights of the week includes Natalie Ramus, Judith Alder, Joanna Mowbray and Lorna Johnson

Untitled//Action for a house in Pimlico, 2019 by Natalie Ramus

Natalie Ramus 

Documentation from my performance at 'Look What the Cat Dragged in' which was an incredible evening of subversive art & performance, curated by Clèmentine Proby and Stein van der Zeil. The intention of this project was to play with and subvert the formal symbolic representations implied by the private environment, traditionally associated with the heteronormative family.

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Holding The Fort: Hardened Field Defences, 2019 by Judith Alder

Judith Alder 

This installation of seven "boulders" was part of Holding The Fort, an exhibition by six artists at Newhaven Fort in East Sussex. 

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In the passage of time, 2018 - 2019 by Joanna Mowbray

Joanna Mowbray 

‘ In the passage of time’ is wall construction, comprising of 31 forms. The overall area is h 90 x w 138 cm, however this can be adjusted to suit different locations as an installation. The 31 forms vary in size from the largest h 9.0 x w 7.5 x d 2.0 cm to the smallest h 7.0 x w 6.0 x d 2.0 cm. The forms are 3D prints in PA2200 white nylon and the thickness is 0.5mm. 

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Nicks – a physicality (The West Yorkshire hoard), 2019 by Lorna Johnson

Lorna Johnson

Material: Object – 1 set, Card – gold, silver, copper

The physical remnants of the Golder than gold, each set are the nicked card cuts. The set on the left is No. 1-6 – and the set on the right is No. 1-6 + Through the physical act of cutting, these smaller card cuts have given the card pieces their worth, their place in the work Golder than gold. Hence the place of the cut in this value cycle can be considered. If made from the real material they represent, they would be kept, reused, recast into something else. As it is with their card genetic makeup, they can just be.

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