New Art Highlights

11 - 17 November

New Art Highlights of the week includes Holly Slingsby, David Sherry, Martin Smith and Tim Norris

Approaching Viriditas (Epilogue), 2019 by Holly Slingsby

Holly Slingsby 

An egg that won't crack. A mermaid who wants to do the splits. A breast that won't lactate. A pelican that pecks itself.

Approaching Viriditas (Epilogue) is a performance-to-camera video work, building on a series of live works made in 2018. These works develop a language to discuss the experience of fertility treatment.

Viriditas is a concept associated with the medieval mystic Hildegard of Bingen - a notion of spiritual 'greening' which here is applied to the female body. Performative action is layered with readings of Hildegard's texts, and coded watercolour drawings.

This work is supported by a bursary from a-n The Artists Information Company; and supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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Playing the Map of Europe, 2019 by David Sherry

David Sherry 

Performance at Outskirts Festival, Platform Glasgow, 'Playing the Map of Europe' 2019, Photo E Robertson.

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Wishing You Well, 2019 by Martin Smith

Martin Smith 

A coin activated kinetic sculpture. When a coin is dropped in the centre the concentric rings ripple outwards.

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Woven Shelter, 2019 by Tim Norris

Tim Norris 

Tim was invited to create a work for the new sculpture trail throughout the beautiful Condroz Famenne region of Belgium.
This year 17 international artists were invited to make works. The work is based on the form of an Egg, There is a seat inside to allow 2 people to sit inside the shelter. The sculpture is set on the woodland edge with a typical rolling hills view. Visitors will be able to appreciate the sculptural form in its setting, rest a while inside and contemplate nature and the landscape.

The outer curved surface of the sculpture is made from local branches. Its light weight steel frame allows the fresh and flexible willow to be woven though the steel frame. This will give the shape a robust structure and will allow the work to be fixed to the ground securely. The seat is carved from locally sourced cherry wood.

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