New Art Highlights

11 - 17 February 2019

New Art Highlights of the week includes Catherine Knight, Heather Ross Deborah Jane Batt and Leah Lovett

Elsewhere is here/ Anderswo ist hier, 2018-19 by Catherine Knight

Catherine Knight 

Ten artists, two exhibitions and works diversely created in Hannover and Bristol; this project presents a cultural and artistic exchange around place, proximity, self and other. By responding to the European cultural legacy of Twinning, "Elsewhere is here: Anderswo ist hier" encourages a convivial exchange focused on coming, going and bringing together. Whilst aiming to challenge the assumption that engagements with others need grow evermore distant, the project presents a playful yet critical reflection on current times.

Featuring Axisweb members David Morgan-Davies, Robert Luzar, Alec Stevens and Ruth Piper.

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The Loud and the Soft Speakers, 2018 by Heather Ross

Heather Ross 

The Loud and the Soft Speakers / Two Channel HD Video, 12'30” (2018).

Heather Ross's installation The Loud and the Soft Speakers explores an early performance work by the avant garde German artist, Kurt Schwitters, in the context of his internment in Britain (1940-41). Schwitters was known for repeating specific creative gestures across multiple sites - familiar ways of working were combined with newfound material and environmental influences, to generate something new. 'The Silence Poem' or 'Leise' (as it has also been described) was repeatedly performed by Schwitters at various points and in different venues throughout his life, but was notably developed and performed in English during his internment in Hutchinson Camp “P” in Douglas, Isle of Man.

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Forgotten Holidays, 2019 by Deborah Jane Batt

Deborah Jane Batt 

Abandoned caravan
Acrylic & pen on canvas

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The Listening Wood, 2019 by Leah Lovett

Leah Lovett

The Listening Wood uses SMS text and geofencing technologies to create a digital poetic walk, engaging with the Internet of Things to slow down and focus attention on fifteen of London's ancient and veteran urban trees. Lines of poetry are generated through SMS/web-based interaction with the work as the participants walk and encounter the trees, resulting in a co-authored record of their route that recalls the Romantic tradition of the Heath.

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