New Art Highlights

1 - 7 July 2019

New Art Highlights of the week includes Katie Taylor, Simon Woolham, Nessie Stonebridge and Colin Higginson

Abscission, 2019 by Katie Taylor

Katie Taylor 

Encapsulating the moment of death in the minds of survivors, an imagined memory.

Lead casts of the empty space left after the impact of a bullet hang over the grave. Disjointed awkward bodies lie beneath.

Weeds grow as a marker, a reminder of the continuation of life and a reminder that history can be forgotten.

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DRAWING OUT THE CANAL, 2019 by Simon Woolham

Simon Woolham

DRAWING OUT THE CANAL PROJECT is focused around a 10-day walking, drawing, talking residency along the entire 87-mile length of the Kennet and Avon Canal, from the center of Reading to Hanham Lock (Bristol). The project will initiate and exchange collaborative story-telling through drawing and engaging with histories along the towpaths. DRAWING OUT THE CANAL PROJECT will engage with a variety of local groups and clubs from Trowbridge along the 6-day route through activating the process of collecting graphite rubbings, as a way of engaging with the canal histories and generating layers of narrative around the locale. 

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Shadow on a harvest moon, 2018 by Nessie Stonebridge

Nessie Stonebridge 

Oil on wood with wooden hoop.

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The Wool House, 2019 by Colin Higginson

Colin Higginson

The Wool House was made while on residence at the 2019 INTERNATIONAL WOOL SYMPOSIUM 21 -26 May, 2019 at El Arreciado, Toledo Spain. A six-day residency working with freshly shorn wool, in the beautiful natural setting of Telado central Spain. This was the first residency at El Arreciado that supported artists with and without disabilities to carry out their creative investigation. Artists taking part came from Holland, UK and Spain.

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