New Art Highlights

9 - 15 July 2018

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Simon Woolham, Catherine Wynne-Paton, Anna Keleher and Caron Penney


Simon Woolham

WALKING ROUTES: MAPPING, EXCAVATING AND PERFORMING HISTORIES was a commissioned artwork for the Barnaby Festival 2018. A growing, collaborative drawing installation at MADS Theatre, Lord Street in Macclesfield, made from rubbings mapped-out and collected from a 2 day walk along the whole Macclesfield Canal ‘route’. For the unveiling of the drawing installation I performed in the artwork with musicians Helen Walford (Vocals) and Heidi Jamila (Violin).

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The Lost Library, 2016-2018 by Catherine Wynne-Paton


The Lost Library is an itinerant series of performances which came about as a response to the rapid decline in publicly run libraries in the UK. Attempting to distill what is found in an individual institution into a a joining ritual and the loan of a single word.

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Pace patterns Game, 2018 by Anna Keleher

Anna Keleher 

The Pace patterns Game is a dog inspired game involving props, a meditation and a pack walk. It was originally devised for Emma Bush's Warm up 6, Harberton Village, Devon, June 2018.

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The Challenge, 2017 by Caron Penney

Caron Penney

Manhattan has been a central theme in my artistic practice since I first visited the city in 2001. I found myself drawn to the systems, patterns, and the urban landscape, focusing on the streets and avenues and the gridiron plan which I view in parallel to the warp and weft in my tapestries. 

Often these themes respond to the ebb and flow of the daily migration and mirrors the flow of the weaving. 

Materials: Wool and gilt gold hand woven tapestry. 

Date: 2017 

Currently on show at the William Morris Gallery until 23rd September 2018.

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