New Art Highlights

9 - 15 April 2018

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: James William Murray, Lorna Milner Johnson, Kirsty E. Smith and Davinia-Ann Robinson

Untitled (Joshua & Charlie), 2018 by James William Murray

Marcelle Hanselaar

polished graphite on panels in graphite frame
60 x 60 x 3

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Fabric Offering, 2018 by Lorna Milner Johnson

Lorna Milner Johnson

A fabric offering. From the fabric of my domestic heritage to the domestic legacy that so many people have made, co existed with and bequeathed to exist beyond their lifetime.

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Buggles, 2018 by Kirsty E. Smith

Kirsty E. Smith 

Mixed media sculpture 

Currently installed at Burghley Sculpture Gardens as part of 'Otherworldly 2018'

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Naomi And The Others, 2018 by Davinia-Ann Robinson

Davinia-Ann Robinson

As a teenager I watched a documentary which investigated the history of the Black Supermodel, her rise in the fashion world, racism and inequality. I discovered that up until the 1990’s some designers would draw illustrations of Black Models walking in their shows as a smudge or scribble alongside beautifully illustrated drawing of White Models. Naomi And The Others investigates what the value of my body as a non Black model may have when the Black Supermodels body was deemed ineligible and unimportant in a setting which is reliant on her physical form. The pieces are the same height as me and are created from heating white thermal paper, which darken when heat is applied.

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