New Art Highlights

8 - 14 January 2018

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Ingvill Gaarder, Gail Flockhart, Karolina Albricht and Helen Dryden

Clouded Bystander, 2017 by Ingvill Gaarder

Ingvill Gaarder

Painting: acrylic on canvas by Ingvill Gaarder

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Untitled Photocopier Selfie #12 (prayer), 2018 by Gail Flockhart

Gail Flockhart

Experimenting with taking photocopier 'Selfies'; a spontaneous and immediate means of making an image. Taking Man Ray's marvellous photograms as inspiration, the possibilities for creating unique digital images seem an intriguing prospect.

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Hunter's Dream, 2018 by Karolina Albricht

Karolina Albricht 

This painting is a sort of primal, visceral call for the ordinary pleasures of the 'crude ancestor' . He finds himself trapped and torn, always wanting something quite the opposite to what he is hunting for.

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DAWG, 2017 by Helen Dryden

Helen Dryden

Watercolour and ink drawing on paper
Signed and dated on the back

Dog The Bounty Hunter
From the 'Paper Idols' series

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