New Art Highlights

5 - 11 February 2018

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Pippa Eason, Dave Lunt, Gillian Hobson and Amanda Loomes

Tapestry. 2018 for GOLDTAPPED, Newcastle, 2018 by Pippa Eason

Pippa Eason

Tapestry made (Pippa Eason) for a collaborative exhibition with Zoe Molloy, at Goldtapped Gallery, Newcastle.

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Interstellar Flyby (part2), 2018 by Dave Lunt

Dave Lunt

Animation still from a work in progress, using my drawings as textures and forming part of my ongoing 'Existence is Doubted' project.

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Shaping Light No.4, 2018 by Gillian Hobson

Gillian Hobson 

Dual projection, Wood, Glass, Mirror
Dimensions: 200cm h x 4.5cm w
Duration: Variable

Shaping Light No. 4 is developed from a series of evolving iterations addressing the interplay between glass and digital technologies to explore and express the gestural potentials of encounter. Influenced by psychogeographic and psychoanalytic perspectives the work examines how the interplay of static glass planes and digital light projections animate spatial and psychological experience, disrupting associations between the material and the immaterial, the inner and outer worlds of the viewer.

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Keepers (extract), 2018 by Amanda Loomes

Amanda Loomes

Commissioned by the National Trust at Lyme in Cheshire, Keepers is a multilayered documentary of the past and present Keepers.

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