New Art Highlights

4 - 10 June 2018

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Angela Kennedy, James Paddock, Alexandra March and Perdita Sinclair

Priestman Gallery Residency, 2018 by Angela Kennedy

Angela Kennedy

One weeks residency at the Priestman Gallery at University of Sunderland. To respond to the space in and create work in five days for an exhibition and performance.

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LOST PERSON, film art installation 2018 by James Paddock

After various conversations with mental health professionals, it seems there is a widespread problem in British society today with people suffering from mental illness and social isolation. Since the 1980s, ‘Care in the Community’ has been the primary means of treating physically and mentally disabled people outside of the institution, and within the safety of their own home. However, their entrapment remains unavoidable. Rather be imprisoned within an institution, these individuals are caged within their own homes, closing their curtains and hiding themselves away from the world. These people soon become lost within a culture and society that is otherwise constantly accelerating, ready to turn a blind eye to any obstacle in its path.

‘Lost Person’ is a moving image installation, designed to embody this struggle.

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Torture The Women (The Chine Cupid), 2018 by Alexandra March

Alexandra March 

Torture The Women (The China Cupid) 2013/14, is a five minute short film composed of a series of scenes taken from Hollywood screen tests for Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca. These scenes are digitally re-drawn and re-animated, the text edited and spliced to explore the cultural and literary manipulations of woman as romantic object. The phrase ‘torture the women’ was used by Hitchcock when asked for his advice on how to make a thrilling movie; the film seeks to take and yet subvert his advice, using repetition and digital manipulation to isolate the actress and draw attention to the peculiarities of the script and by extension Du Maurier’s novel and the whole genre. The original footage was gleaned from YouTube, a kind of digital flea-market of junk and gem imagery which blurs the distinction between big screen and the domestic scale.

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Flightpath, 2018 by Perdita Sinclair

Perdita Sinclair

In 2017 I was invited to be the first Artist In Residence for ‘Secret Structures’ at the Millennium Seed Bank, Wakehurst, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. !

In my work as Artist In Residence I made a sculptural installation of the flightpath of slipper orchid seeds. Orchid seeds are the smallest seeds in the world. The flightpaths that I studied and drew were over a distance of 12cm. I expanded this distance to 4m to produce two suspended sculptures made from neon LED and steel. The LEDs are programmed to slowly run through 5 colours of slipper orchids.

The Installation is on display until January 2019.

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