New Art Highlights

30 July - 5 August 2018

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Marc Renshaw, Pippa Eason, Lucy Brown and Sarah Casey.

Announcement, 2018 by Marc Renshaw

Marc Renshaw

Promotion strategies.

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Spike, 2018 by Pippa Eason

Pippa Eason 

Digital collage.

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Waisted/wasted 2018 by Lucy Brown

Lucy Brown 

Waisted/wasted is from the Offerings series of Woven Anti-Form Works exploring femaleness, her body and time making. The material meanings and process are critical in these works. Made between two spaces, one private; the Artists Studio, and the other in full view of the public; the Gallery Space. Waisted/wasted re-works areas of the waist and hips into silver grey ribbons, pinned and re-(loomed) tensioned, cutting through the architecture of the Gallery space….bringing herself to you . Waisted/wasted was finally completed on site at R Space Gallery, Lisburn Northern Ireland during ‘Offerings’ Solo Exhibition 2018.
Materials; Vintage& second-hand 1950’s ball gowns, dresses and petticoat slips. Satin Ribbon. Dressmaking pins. Steel tacks
Installation view. Offerings’ Solo Exhibition 2018. R-Space Gallery. Northern Ireland.
Photographers credit; Simon Mills 2018©

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Ruskin's Good Looking, 2018 by Sarah Casey

Sarah Casey

This is a project about the ideas of John Ruskin (1819 -1900) the nineteenth century art critic, philanthropist and social thinker. Ruskin's The Elements of Drawing (1857) remains a touchstone for drawing research and is often cited for its core tenet that drawing sharpens visual attention.

This project puts this premise to the test, using it to uncover material ‘clues’ of Ruskin’s life embedded in christening clothes, dress suit, his signature necktie and hat which remain at Brantwood, Ruskin's house for the latter part of his life. It is the first time that these garments have been visually examined through drawing. In response to studying these garments at Brantwood, a series of new large-scale drawings will be produced and exhibited at Brantwood to mark the start of Bicentenary celebrations in 2019.

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