New Art Highlights

27 August - 2 September 2018

New Art Highlights of the week includes Ellie Doney, Natalie Dowse, Sumiko Eadon and Luke Harby

Of Lost and Found, 2018 by Ellie Doney

Ellie Doney

Shed, found object collection, website.
On-site as part of a residency at Phytology, Bethnal Green Nature Reserve
Online as a material archive of the site

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Entre chien et loup 2, 2018 by Natalie Dowse

Natalie Dowse 

Entre chien et loup (Between dog and wolf) refers to dusk, just before nightfall, when the light is so low that it would be difficult to distinguish between dog and a wolf. However, it also lyrically describes the limit between the familiar and the unfamiliar, the known versus the uncanny and comfort versus danger. It is a nebulous threshold between hope and fear.

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Untitled (screen mesh), 2018 by Sumiko Eadon

Sumiko Eadon 

Mono print.

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Grids, 2018 by Luke Harby

Luke Harby

I wanted to shoot positive and negative images of the same scene and then print positives and negatives from the film.

I have resolved this issue online using javascript and css. A negative class is randomly assigned to a selection of images at runtime. Refresh the page and you'll get different random negatives.

I find the individual images interminably ugly.

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