New Art Highlights

24 - 30 September 2018

New Art Highlights of the week includes Jemma Watts, Joseph Ingleby, Sally Kidall and K.P. Culver

Street Fragment, 2018 by Jemma Watts

Jemma Watts

A series of ceramic pieces created for Takeaway Art - an art subscription box

Stoneware wall based pieces

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Brick and Broch, 2018 by Joseph Ingleby

Joseph Ingleby 

Brick and Broch, part of the Denny Treasure Trail, 2018; cast iron and stainless steel. Commissioned by Falkirk Council as part of the £7.6m regeneration project in the centre of Denny, Falkirk, Scotland. This sculpture symbolises the former cast iron foundry crucibles. One is in the shape of a broch similar to nearby Tappoch Broch, the other in the form of a 'bee-hive' brick kiln as used in Denny's former brick works. With the dice they resemble cups or shakers referencing the printing of board games at the paper mills that once stood along the River Carron. On the dice are company names remembered from Denny's industrial past.

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Portable Containment: cradle to cradle, 2018 by Sally Kidall

Sally Kidall 

This conceptually multi-layered intervention is inspired by my research into the social, environmental and historical impacts of natural resource mining. Through examining the value of ‘home’ and the transient nature of mining communities, I have created a memorial intervention using this coal miner’s cottage as a platform to accommodate this complex inside/outside work. It is part of a series of my site-specific projects located in various decommissioned mines and quarries, and contains salt-coated works created during my recent residency at Hill End. I created site-based interventions, at this historic NSW gold mining town, investigating the value of possessions and their relationship to the impacts of resource extraction while exploring notions of displacement narratives/nomadism.

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Full Physical - Axisweb Residency, 2018 by K.P. Culver

K.P. Culver

Full Physical - Axisweb Residency. Chester Le Street, 2018.

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