New Art Highlights

23 - 29 July 2018

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Judith Alder, Di McGhee, Robert McCubbin and Kyle Kirkpatrick

A Brief History of the Future, 2018 by Judith Alder

Judith Alder

Taking geology as a starting point from which to explore past, present and future, this work considers the interconnection between the basic elements from which all things are formed and the multitude of new, man-made materials now present in our environment.

Media: Concrete, vinyl, suet, wax, flint, iron sulphide nodules, polymer clay, spray paint, gold, sandpaper, silk clay, seeds, glass, plaster, paper, ink, letraset, 3D printed PLA plastic, aluminium, silicone, lichen.

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Lost, 2018 by Di McGhee

Di McGhee 

Text intervention

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Untitled, 2018 by Robert McCubbin

Robert McCubbin 

Mixed media collage

28 x 14 cm

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Brow, 2018 by Kyle Kirkpatrick

Kyle Kirkpatrick

Oak, steel, aluminium, copper sulphate and salt.

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