New Art Highlights

23 - 29 April 2018

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Clair Robins, Kirstin Bicker, Aaron Scott Griffin and Kate Haywood

Bruise, Scrape, Blemish, 2018 by Clair Robins

Clair Robins

This artwork reflects the fragile yet robust landscape of our body. The rough developing pimples, bruises and scrapes are remnants of daily knocks and falls. How do these small wounds heal so fast, the body is amazing. This photographic study explores the rough textures and details of my nine year olds body. It is a snapshot of her tumbles and bumps – a photographic canvas recording the details of her maturing body and innocent energy.

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Womanspeak, 2015 by Kirstin Bicker

Kirstin Bicker

Womanspeak was a collaborative project comprising of four different performances, three including only the performers and the forth inviting the audience to engage. Both myself and collaborator, Elizabeth Loughran had based our works within the understanding of mouth and the flow of language - or more specifically the lack of. Using fluid materials such as cement we acted and reacted gestural suggestions from the other, moving and flowing in the ever hardening material and bodily constraints.

Dried salt dough was chewed and spat as our mouths dried and salivated. Arms would raise as if conducting each others flow of breath and hums. Tips of Tongues lingered and pressed with strangers.

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Kneeling at the foot of pagan Alters, 2017 by Aaron Scott Griffin

Aaron Scott Griffin 

Mixed media installation for WCHTC core show "The Great Anxiety of our Times". Work developed in response to the themes of space/place and gender.

Short Film: H O L D - a romanticised version of an apparently ephemeral moment in time.

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Hoard, 2018 by Kate Haywood

Kate Haywood

Hoard, porcelain (Installation Piece - York Art Gallery)

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