New Art Highlights

2 - 8 July 2018

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Cliff Crawford, Lucy Stevens, Steve Burden and Ellen Sampson.

Virtually Me, 2018 by Cliff Crawford

Cliff Crawford

Shown as part of `If We Were Houses' an exhibition curated by Helen Scalway at 5th Base Gallery, London E1

A glass box collection, reveals aspects of me and offers brittle illusions of security Inside enfolded by reflection of who I must be; outside exposed, revealed for all to see.

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Swift Searching, 2018 by Lucy Stevens

Lucy Stevens

As part of a collection of mixed media drawings produced in response to the decline in UK breeding populations of swifts by 51% from 1995 to 2005. To help raise the profile of the swift and to spread the word about the RSPB's national project 'Swift Cities', I have created a collection of work that demonstrates the struggle for swifts to find a suitable nesting site.

Read more about protecting swifts on my blog post:

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Smells like White Spirit, 2018 by Steve Burden

Steve Burden 

‘Smells like white spirit’ takes the ghosts of the famous Fowler Troop (who used to parade the Jack in the Green around the streets of Deptford) and places them in front of Eddystone Tower where the artist used to live. Burden has sought to reflect the disparity between the traditions and culture of old contrasted with the concrete brutalism of the estate. Smell is difficult to convey in paint and with the title of this painting Burden wanted to convey the noxious process of making the painting whilst referencing the substance abuse prevalent on the estate.

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Twelve, 2018 by Ellen Sampson

Ellen Sampson

Inspired by the shattered and worn shoes in the Fragility section, Sampson has drawn upon the Brothers Grimm story, The Twelve Dancing Princesses - in which a King locks away his twelve daughters each night, to find the next morning that their shoes had been danced to pieces. Sampson has made shoes, fashioned from silk, paper and leather - fragile and delicate – each to be worn for a single walk in the vicinity of Sutton House and to become records of that performance. The film captures the moment of her departure and return, leaving the audience to read the traces on the shoes and imagine her path. 

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