New Art Highlights

19 - 25 November 2018

New Art Highlights of the week includes Caroline Watson, Amy Walpole, Phil Lambert and Nikkita Morgan

Monster, 2018 by Caroline Watson

Caroline Watson

Punch in Portland by some Rocks

Digital Photograph.

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BARE, 2018 by Amy Walpole


Thinking about my family roots in Yorkshire and how I can connect to the earth and myself when things are hard.

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Looking For Truth, 2017-2018 by Phil Lambert

Phil Lambert 

This painting is created using straight edge geometry. This means that the relationships are only found using a compass and a straight edge. There are no rulers. As such it is a little like origami as the relationships within the rectangle are discovered through ever increasing divisions.

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May's Brexit Deal, 2018 by Nikkita Morgan

Nikkita Morgan

May’s Brexit Deal:
This piece is inspired by this week’s news and how Theresa May is trying to get her Brexit deal secured by the EU 27 and by the British Parliament. Will Theresa May and her deal survive the next few days? Where will it end?

Mixed media textiles: stencil art, paint, ink, appliqué, drawing, marker, and pastel

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