New Art Highlights

17 - 23 September 2018

New Art Highlights of the week includes James Irwin, Henny Burnett, Cherry Tenneson and Julie Parker

Just Be Yourself, 2018 by James Irwin

James Irwin

Permanent marker, printed vinyl, UV print and holographic paper on wooden panels
67 x 78cm

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The Pig & The Intelligent Wound Dressing, 2018 by Henny Burnett

Henny Burnett 

The Pig & The Intelligent Wound Dressing is a reflection on the development of medical dressings by scientists at the University of Bath that detect and communicate bacterial infection through fluorescence. They were first tested on pigskin, hence the pig balanced precariously on a plaster ‘cell’, the red top of which fluoresces under UV light. The eponymous words sewn into the rubber dressing also fluoresce. This fluorescence is a reference to the function of the dressings and to light micrograph images of infectious bacteria. A Petri dish stands as the base, encasing a cyanotype print reminiscent of bacterial colonies. It was made for the Visions of Science Art Prize held at The Andrew Brownsword Gallery, Bath.

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We'll always be together, 2018 by Cherry Tenneson

Cherry Tenneson 

Artist's own sponge scourer pads, hinge and screws.

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Hooked, 2018 by Julie Parker

Julie Parker

Human hair

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