New Art Highlights

16 - 22 April 2018

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: John Plowman, Robert McCubbin, Gemma Cossey and Clare Petherick. 

'Hello Sailor', 2018 by John Plowman

John Plowman

Credit: Peter White/FXP

Wood, brush, water.

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Shelter/Structure, 2018 by Robert McCubbin

Robert McCubbin

Small shelter /structure in card, clad in Aluminium tiles

11 x 11 x 12 cm

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Horizontal/Vertical VIII (Blackwhite), 2017 by Gemma Cossey

Gemma Cossey 

Water-based pigment paint and varnish on panel.

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In paper, 2018 by Clare Petherick

Clare Petherick

Poem by Mary Stella Edwards.
Pencil on lens tissue

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