New Art Highlights

15 - 21 October 2018

New Art Highlights of the week includes Helen Kilby-Nelson, Katya Robin, Cho Hui-Chin and Morwenna Catt

Worth/Less, 2018 by Helen Kilby-Nelson

Helen Kilby-Nelson

A moving image art work responding to mediated sexuality disseminated across our screens and how hypersexualisation of the banal has become so normal it is no longer questioned. The work also explores the power of advertising to control the masses and how this creates a hypnotic behaviour that can be used to affect and sway societal opinion.

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Alba Rabbit homage, 2018 by Katya Robin

Katya Robin 

An homage to Eduardo Kac's Alba Rabbit. Acrylic on gesso on paper 100x80cm approx.

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A solemn infant, 2017 by Cho Hui-Chin

Cho Hui-Chin 

Cho, Hui-Chin
‘A solemn infant’,
120.5x115.5 cm, 2017

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Handbag for the Pageant of Great Women, 2018 by Morwenna Catt

Morwenna Catt

A piece created for an exhibition exploring Women’s Suffrage. Inspired by the Suffrage play of 1909 by Cicely Mary Hamilton. Figures left to right; Vivienne Westwood as Elizabeth I, Boudicca, Rani Lakshmibai, Joan of Arc, Marie Curie.

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