New Art Highlights

14 - 20 May 2018

New Art Highlights of the week includes: Philip Kennedy, Amanda Chambers, Marianne Wilde and Sam Lee

Contraption X, 2018 by Philip Kennedy

Philip Kennedy

X by X times Y.

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Love Song, 2018 by Amanda Chambers

Amanda Chambers

Ceramic hanging.

Stoneware fired clay.

Part of a series of ceramics works inspired by the life of Alan Turing.

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Strange Harvest, 2018 by Marianne Wilde

Marianne Wilde 

Feathers, Glass, 3D Printing, Taxidermy

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Ocean Bloom, 2018 by Sam Lee

Sam Lee

Installation in Le Pressoir, Chédiney, (old grape press) gallery. All at sea, forms inspired by beach combing and the super complex world of ordinary life.

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