New Art Highlights

12 - 18 November 2018

New Art Highlights of the week includes Stuart Robinson, Emma Cracknell, Adam & Gillian and Imogen Millie Ellerby Sansom

Wipeout, 2018 by Stuart Robinson

16mm film loop of all the wipes from 'Heart of the Sierras' a public information / promotional film about Yosemite National park

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Crimson Flash Big III, 2018 by Emma Cracknell

Emma Cracknell 

Oil on Canvas
100 x 100 cm

Shown at The Other Art Fair, London 2018.

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Present Tense, 2016-2018 by Adam & Gillian

Adam York Gregory 


Gillian moves through the space carefully setting several hundred conventional wooden mousetraps on the floor. Her hands and feet are bare and vulnerable, close to the trap mechanisms. She continues until she is backed into a corner… We are looking to create a cumulative physical tension through the spring loaded traps and observe if it equates to a growing sense of emotional tension in anyone witnessing the piece – whether the repetition of a task that contains an inherent physical danger becomes more tense when performed repeatedly.

[Shown at Buzzcut 2016, Tempting Failure 2016 and Tramway 2016. GIFT Festival/The Baltic]

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Surge, 2018 by Imogen Millie Ellerby Sansom

Imogen Millie Ellerby Sansom

Interactive Installation.

Surge was developed from the concept of dopamine and the pleasure felt when a loved one holds you. The installation included a pair of 2m x 1m padded embroidered hands, big enough for participants to lie in. An audio recording of the artist’s mother accompanied the hands. She recited, in a childlike story time voice, an extract of a scientific journal researching the subject of dopamine. This, along with the size of the hands reflects the security and comfort dopamine provides us.

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