New Art Highlights

12 - 18 March 2018

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Colin Booth, Lesley Guy, Guy Bigland and Conroy Sanderson

Jesus Wept by Colin Booth

Colin Booth

Jesus Wept has been shortlisted for the Chaiya Art Prize and selected for the the 38th EVA International in Limerick

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Tomato in Your Mind, 2018 by Lesley Guy

Lesley Guy

Made as part of the collaborative project Take Me To Your Leader Part 2 at the Samuel Worth Chapel, Sheffield. Commissioned by Making Ways, Sheffield.

The final installation was a collaboration with the artists Maja Mihajlovic, Lea Torp Nielsen and Sian Williams.

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About is like about, 2017 by Guy Bigland

Guy Bigland 

Billboard project

About is like about was a public work of art made in collaboration with The Wilson Gallery and the University of Gloucestershire. Seven different texts were shown on billboards across Cheltenham.

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Here I Am detail, 2018 by Conroy Sanderson

Conroy Sanderson

One of 4 photographs.

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