New Art Highlights

10 - 16 September 2018

New Art Highlights of the week includes Zoe Preece, Rhiannon Lowe, Liz West and Cultura Plasmic Inc

Material Presence, 2018 by Zoe Preece

Zoe Preece

Porcelain, flux, CNC milled walnut

In 2016 I was awarded a Production Grant from the Arts Council of Wales to develop the work - Material Presence - for solo exhibition.

Taking notice of moments that might go unseen, Material Presence contemplates the meniscus on a spoon filled to the point of tipping, or the precarious balance of two cups stacked one on top of another on a kitchen surface, each on the brink of something.

Domestic objects – a colander, a saucepan, a skillet, mugs, cups, bowls – are carved from plaster, by hand or on a lathe, before being moulded and cast in porcelain. The kitchen table is made from walnut. The tabletop has been CNC milled from a 3D scan to reveal from within the wood surface a rucked tablecloth marked by dishes that once sat upon it, a knife, a spoon, and the remnants of food that has been eaten.

Material Presence seeks out a silent grace in the midst of the most mundane of domestic scenes – the washing up or a table part cleared – encouraging a sense of tenderness towards everyday experience.

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CUT n STUCK, 2018 by Rhiannon Lowe

Rhiannon Lowe 

Performance at the opening of Cut & Stick, by Hannah Morris and Anna Grace Rogers held at Ollie Quinn, Queen Street, Cardiff. Words and noise and singing.

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Colour Transfer, 2018 by Liz West

Liz West 

Liz West has unveiled her first permanent London commission at Paddington Central this year. You can experience the intense impact of colour in this new radiant site-specific sculpture, Colour Transfer, a dazzling immersive chromatic commission spanning the underside of Paddington Central’s Westway Bridge. 

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Hold Me, 2018 by Cultura Plasmic Inc

Cultura Plasmic Inc

Hold Me is a video installation that looks at intimacy within our use of digital technology. It’s estimated that we touch our phones around 200-300 times a day, indicating a close physical relationship with our devices, and the divide or boundary that the screen presents along with virtual aliases mean that many people turn to online spaces to reveal their deepest thoughts. Our smartphones take the place of therapists and through forums, social media, chat spaces, we reveal a side of ourselves (ironically, quite publicly) that we might feel uncomfortable revealing to our friends and family.

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