New Art Highlights

9 - 15 October 2017

New Art Highlights of the week from Axisweb includes: Helen Snell, Sophie Bullock, Kristy Campbell and Robert McCubbin

Punitive Neckpiece, 2014 by Helen Snell

Punitive Neckpiece, Helen Snell

Victorian Society saw itself as decent and philanthropic, as exemplified by its hero Livingstone, yet the voracious empire builders greedily raced to carve up Africa. There are artefacts relating to the punitive wars in Benin in the collections at the National Museum of the Royal Navy that remind us of the uncomfortable and barbaric truth of Imperialism.
This neckpiece is a yoke, head brace, decorative headdress.

NMRN Collection, Portsmouth Historic Dockyards

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PARADOXPARADOX, 2016 by Sophie Bullock


"Over five days, Protovoulia and nine invited artists from Greater Manchester merged together in full experimentation-mode through a collaborative long-durational creative process. Spending eight hours a day inside HOME's exhibition gallery (open to the public), the artists, from the worlds of visual art, dance, theatre and music developed a series of actions, experimentations and improvised installations, performances and screenings.

Paradoxparadox had no interest in what or why – the artists just focused on how they get into the creative process - with no fixed concepts or final outcome in mind. The idea of experimentation – without knowing and without a need to extract meanings from the experience – led them to a paradoxical way of creating and collaborating: Deep into nothingness, in full embodiment, living the experience, collectively."

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Untitled (5), 2017 by Kristy Campbell

Untitled (5), Kristy Campbell 

An abstract design born of a practice that examines typography and the fluid ambiguity of meaning associated with form. Stemming from a project titled Trace, the counters (negative space within type) are composed in Deconstructivist-styled artwork to build an Untitled collection.

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Yellow Collage, 2017 by Robert McCubbin

Yellow Collage, Robert McCubbin

Small mixed media collage assembled from packaging source materials
13 x 26 cm

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